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This book would not have been possible without the continued support of several people to whom I wish to address my thanks herein as well.

My thanks go to Professor Ioan Piso for supervising my doctoral thesis, for his guidance and advice in order to escape certain methodological and interpretation drawbacks. Our single taken or building my empire pdf enduring collaboration from Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa was even more important, as it was there where, past the daily turmoil, we had some of our particularly important discussions. For all that I express my thanks. In the recent years, I concluded several projects together with my friend Florian Matei- Popescu, whose successful results were not long in coming.

The Spread of English and its Appropriation

For his support during the prepa- ration of this paper and our lengthily debates of many of the themes herein, I wish to express my thanks this way too. My thanks go to Professor Constantin C.

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Petolescu, Professor Radu Ardevan and Dr. Liviu Petculescu for their relevant remarks in the reviews of this book.

Ex Oriente ad Danubium. The Syrian auxiliary units on the Danube frontier of the Roman Empire

John Karavas and Dr. I also thank mrs.

single taken or building my empire pdf

Gabriela Safta-Balica, the flirten spanische übersetzung of the work. I am grateful to all of my friends and colleagues, who helped me during the various stages of this work completion.

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My entire gratitude goes to my mother, who was the most important support during my training years; thank you for all your help and endless understanding. Almira, Tudor and Toma, I dedicate this book to you, with all my love. We selected the Danube provinces primarily for surpassing the determinism resulted from a research limited to the province of Dacia, which focused most of our personal preoccupa- tions until choosing this subject, as well as part of those following the investigations necessary for the completion of this work.

We started from the premise that the analysis of the Syrian auxiliary units deployed in the Danube provinces of the Empire should operate with two parameters: We attempted to see whether the establishment of a troop may be related to the integration within the Empire of the political entity of origin.

Questions related to the existence or lack thereof of any strategic reasons behind the displacement of such troops also played an important part in choosing the subject of this work.


Were they a tactical solution adequate to the enemies in certain areas or limes sections? Was there any coherent strategy or only tactical solutions combined, adapted to various circumstances? We discussed the completion means of the strengths either by new recruits from the area of origin or by local recruitment from case to case, depending on the available information. Until the Roman age, the Danube presented no political frontier, which changed only in modern times, delimiting the newly established national entities.

We shall see below that most of the Syrian auxiliary units deployed to the Danube provinces are concentrated in this space.

Within this context, one may mention a striking discrepancy between intra-Carpathian Dacia and Lower Dacia, Upper Moesia and Lower Moesia, respectively between what one calls the western provinces and those located by the limit of the eastern provinces. For this reason, the trade intensity decreases, many services are diminished and 3 Ample presentations of the state of research, as well as of the essential bibliography on the Danube provinces were drafted by J.

Wilkes Wilkes—; Wilkes—; Wilkes— Among the studies we shall quote only those most recent: Hemesenorum sagittaria equitata c.

Many recruits and much population were needed — dedittio. Cichorius by the end of the 19th century Wagner14 and K. Holder and D.

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Saddington17 are the two major landmarks. At least in what the units in the provinces of Moesia and Dacia are concerned, they are full of discrepancies and confusions which we discussed in a recent publi- cation One should also mention here the works of the German scholar K.

Strobel on the Dacian campaigns of emperors Domitian and Trajan, presenting broadly20 the history of the auxiliary units participating in the military operations. An important work on the history of the Roman army during the Principate and Dominate on the territory of Dobruja was published by A. Aricescu, until not long ago, considered the main reference book on the area Matei-Popescu published several studies concerning the auxiliary units in Lower Moesia.

The Bastard of Istanbul

So flirten jungs works, beside upgrading the rather dense information of the last years, succeeded to clarify many aspects of the military history of the province Christescu23, D. Tudor24, Single taken or building my empire pdf. Certain aspects of the military history were discussed in a subsequent work by Al. Suceveanu Suceveanu, Barnea